The last original concept in cruising

I was trying to design a unique “virtual” cruise line last night, and you know what? I couldn’t do it. The cruise industry is so alive right now that as far as I can tell, every possible concept in cruising has been taken.

I think the most recent, and possibly the final “original idea” for a cruise line was conceived and implemented by Island Cruises. Island Cruises concept is “be yourself”, whatever you want to do, dress formal, dress casual, whatever. They call themselves the “pioneers of casual cruising” and the line is a joint venture between RCCL and First Choice Holidays (

Oceania Cruises by comparison is on the other end of the scale, also launched in 2002 like Island Cruises but they champion the more elegant and sophisticated “country club casual” ( much more my style ;o) with high end personalized service, award winning cuisine and destination cruising (and a cool flash butler on their website ). Perhaps that was the last great concept in cruising to launch with huge success. But then again we have recently seen easyCruise launch with fair success, but they are more like the Sienfeld show of cruising in that a LACK of an original concept, IS their concept.

It seems whatever you want in cruising these days you can find. Not even mentioning the major mega lines and their subtly different levels of service and luxury from celebrity down through RCCL, Norwegian, and all the lines of Carnival Corporation. If you want huge ships, tiny ships, fast ships, slow ships, casino ships, cruise lines with everything or a cruise line with nothing you can have it. Is there anything that hasn’t been done?

You can find active lifestyle cruising for the 30 to 50 set available from Ocean Village ( Tramp steamer cruising is available for the adventurous spirit in a hurry to get nowhere ( Nude cruises are everywhere ( Even a Russian ice breaker adventure cruise and Emperor Penguin Safari is common place these days ( You name it and some cruise company has done it, or is doing it, or is talking about it.

Is their anything yet to be added to the smorgasbord of choice already afloat? What do you think? Email or post your comments or ideas on a cruise concept you would like to see that hasn’t been done yet. If you can think of one that is. Maybe we can pool our ideas and create a virtual cruise line after all and inspire the next brave cruise entrepreneur into action!
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