The Love Boat…soon will be making another run...

I think I have mentioned before that when I was younger I was a huge Love Boat fan. It’s probably the main reason I ended up working at sea for Princess Cruises. When I first joined Princess I tried and tried to get a contract onboard the Pacific Princess, the original Love Boat. All my coworkers would tell me I was crazy and not to do it because she was old and not up to the standards of the newer ships in the fleet, but still I wanted to have my time onboard the ship that Doc, Gopher, Julie, Isaac and of course Captain Stubbing sailed into all of our hearts. I never got the opportunity. I was onboard her several times of course visiting friends when we were in port together, and it was true what my friends were saying, she was getting older, but still there was something about her. After all, she was the Love Boat!

Despite everyone telling me how she was smaller and older, they all had fantastic stories about their time onboard her. It seemed to me it was a different Princess Cruises when the Love Boat was sailing the seas. Everyone that had sailed her seemed to have enjoyed their time onboard and they all had great experiences and shared a crew camaraderie that is not common on the big ships anymore. Even the small ones really.

Oh well; to me the Love Boat will always be a legend. I happened to be in port with her just the other day and noticed she was sporting some new colors. The old Love Boat has been reborn yet again! There is still life in the old girl yet. After she left the Princess fleet in 2002 she went to Spanish operator Pullmantur, and as of a month or so ago she is now flying the livery of Quail Cruises, a brand new Spanish cruise operator. Judging by their flyer it looks to be a bit of a party line. Drinks included and shooting for the younger market segment. Look out EasyCruise, other people are gunning for your demographic!
( Download the Quail Cruses brochure here: )

I am a bit surprised she’s been chartered by a new start up, but pleased all the same. After all she is 38 years old. Perhaps Quail Cruises have given her a bit of a refurbishment and oiled some of her squeaks and plugged some of her leaks. I hope they sail her for some time to come because for me it will be a lonelier sea without the original Love Boat still sailing around somewhere.

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