Einstein’s not dead; he’s slinging Doners in Kusadasi.

For me, Kusadasi never gets tired. You can get everything you need and it’s all within walking distance of the port. No taxi, bus or trouble required. Of course the vendors can get on your nerves sometimes; with their constant requests for you to come into their shop or restaurant, but then again they are always happy and (usually) polite, and the attempts they make at guessing where you’re from are always entertaining. Today I was from Chicago and my friend Amber was from Japan, at least according to the vendors. Then again I would rather have storekeepers inviting me in, asking me what I want and guessing where I am from than ignoring me like in many western stores.

Every time I come here I see something new added to the shopping or eating experience, today it was Einstein’s. While we were walking around and browsing the street shops we were also on the hunt for a Doner place for lunch when we came across Einstein. We passed by him at first, but like two small elementary particles we were drawn back to Einstein. It turns out the service was great and the food was good, and of course the prices were relatively low (pun intended). So if you are going to Kusadasi and want to enjoy a good Doner served by Einstein, I recommend him. When you’re done your lunch I promise Einstein will be happy to pose for a picture with you like he did with my friend Amber. (She does look a little Japanese I suppose).

You have to admire the capitalist business model that Kusadasi has become. Whatever you want, literally, is available with a smile. Over the years this tourist port has adapted to what the visitors and tourists want. Not just the cruise ship tourists but all tourists. If last season several tourists asked around for a “jingle jangle” then the next time you visit Kusadasi I guarantee you there will be three “jingle jangle” shops open. They want to sell you what you want to buy. Everything from genuine articles to genuine fakes all conveniently available in one easy to access place.

Of course some very entrepreneurial vendors branch out and offer several types of service or sales from the same store front. I couldn’t help but be impressed by Billy’s Jewelry and Real Estate. As my friend Amber put it, “not looking for any land, then how about a nice new watch”?

Of course Kusadasi, and Turkey in general have much to offer any visitor; thousands of years of culture and history, and of course apple tea and hookah’s. But if you’re anything like most of the crew onboard the cruise ships and you just want to do some quick shopping and barter for some great deals and have a nice lunch, then you can’t beat Kusadasi.
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