Life below: The cabin situation

Very busy these days so just a short blog on cabins.

Not all cabins are created equal for crew. Not all ships are created equal either. You can consider crew cabins and the way they are appointed much like passenger cabins. For passengers the more you pay the better the cabin. Well for crew it is almost the same. The more you GET paid the better the cabin. Although on older ships it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. Crew accommodation was not as important to the companies as it is now, so cabins on new ships are always much nicer than this.

Onboard the Pacific Sun, as you can see, the cabins are quite small and not at all the same standard as onboard other newer ships, but still, they have a homey quality and after you slap some pictures of the kids on the walls and your wife spreads all her products all around the room, it might as well be your bedroom at home.

On this ship, my cabin is actually smaller than shared crew cabins. If you made it little bigger and put bunk beds where my bed is then you pretty much have a ratings or “regular crew” cabin. The cabin I have right now is in fact about the same quality level as a ratings cabin onboard some newer ships so that gives you an idea.

I must admit when I first boarded and saw my cabin I was a bit surprised. Having just come from the Coral Princess where the cabin I had was like a palace compared to this cabin. But then I didn’t have my wife onboard with me on the Coral, and she can make any cabin shine like home no matter how tiny. ;0)

Officer and staff ranks are lucky because we get a room steward who cleans once a day for us. As you can see mine is very good with towel animals.
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