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It is probably not a surprise to you, but crew doesn’t always know what the heck they are talking about. Just because they are crew you shouldn’t take what they say as the “word’. I mean, your room steward is WAAAAYYY out of the operations loop, so is your bar server and your casino dealer. They have little or no idea what is going on when it comes to the operation of the ship and other policy. For example, if we miss a port, crew along that level find out the same time you do through the captain’s announcement. If you hear them discussing something what you’re hearing is a guess, or personal opinion, not the facts.

You see there are just too many crew for EVERYONE to be in the loop all the time. In fact we operate on a “need to know” basis most of the time. Only department heads, supervisors and officers are really kept in “the loop” about all things.

Also, you may not know it but most crew actually live by the “grape vine” of information. Urban Legends are considered factual. If one crewmember gets disembarked one day and nobody knows why it is not unusual to start hearing rumors the next day from all sorts of crew none of which are true.

Onboard, for example, if I am sitting in the bar chatting with my friends we always confirm information with, “where did you hear that?” You decide how much credibility to give the information based on who you heard it from.

The whole point is don’t take the little things you overhear onboard as the truth. If you hear something and want to confirm it go ask the reception desk, they will know and if they don’t they will find out.

This goes for simple onboard things as well. Every crewmember onboard does not know where tea is being held, or where the art auction is, or where the wine tasting is. There are 900 crew onboard these ships and most of them don’t have deck privileges unless they are working, so they usually don’t know where anything is scheduled to take place and if they have never read the daily activity sheet they will really be lost. So asking the first crew member you see on deck how to get somewhere or where something is will probably only frustrate you.

My advice is always the same; reception desk. Don’t go to them, just call them. There are phones all over the ships. Grab the nearest one and say “Hi, I am on deck 6 beside the wheelhouse bar. Can you tell me how to get to the wine tasting from here please?” It’s easy and you will save yourself allot of aggravation if you ask the wrong crewmember.

Remember that just because they are crew doesn’t mean they know what’s going on oboard. The person you ask might be a Portuguese fireman checking a fire extinguisher. He may be an excellent fireman but he may also have poor English and know nothing at all about what the heck goes on onboard the ship. Read your daily activity paper, call the reception desk or ask the crew who WILL know. Who will know? Your Cruise Staff know everything about the daily activities onboard and where everything is. All officers will know where everything is but not necessarily what’s going on onboard. The reception desk will know everything about everything.
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