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Why don’t more cruise lines have franchises onboard? I’m going to play the devils advocate now and I know that this is going to get me a WHACK of angry comments for it, but honestly why not more of what the public really wants? don't we swarm to franchises when we are at home, or even in port? Don't we shop at Tommy Hilfiger when we are ashore? Don't we eat at McDonalds? I, for one, would love to see a McDonalds somewhere on the new giant ships. It would really be a win and win situation because the place would be PACKED all the time, making money (making money from me!), making the passengers and the company happy. I mean the ships all have burger places, so why not stop trying to make a good burger place and give us a burger place we all know and love already? In the words of David Lee Roth “if you’re going to play dress up, play it big time baby”. And why always make the same cloned facilities on every ship? I mean, no matter how big or new or revolutionary companies claim their new ships will be they are never much different than the ones before them. They all have mini-golf, rock walls, burger joints, casinos, themed bars, Italian restaurants, etc. etc. etc.

I would like to see some real franchises open up, and then we would see some real services onboard that everyone wants. How about a real outlet mall? Why not a Calvin Klein, or a Levi’s or a Rip Tide? Why not a Keg restaurant or a Hard Rock café or a Chucky Cheese? Why not a real Starbucks, not just a place that serves Starbucks beans? Why not a FOOD COURT? Have you ever been to any food court in any mall anywhere in the USA or Canada and seen it empty? No, of course not. Why not a real Famous Players or Cinemark or other REAL movie theatre playing first run movies?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me but I think that if your going to build massive ships with massive boulevard strolls filled with café’s and restaurants and stores, why not REAL café’s, restaurants and stores instead of made up ones? Wouldn’t a ship loaded with real franchises that Americans know and love fit in perfectly with the Caribbean cruising scene? I think so.

I am definatly not saying I would always cruise on this kind of ship, but it would sure open up the market. Then you would have your high glitz, family style cruising option, and other lines for a more adult and refined style of cruising.

I am curious now as to where everyone stands on the idea of franchises moving into cruise ships. I made a survey. Cast your vote! Maybe we can give the builders of these mega ships something to think about either way.

Click here to cast your vote on franchises onboard!

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  1. SakeDad Says:

    I think you could match the franchises to the level of ships. In other words, McDonalds and Target for Carnival, Off Saks 5th Ave and Wei Pei for Holland America. But you would need to make sure any stores on-board can meet or beat any of their outlet store prices across the country. Could work. But the argument AGAINST it is if I wanted to shop and eat at those places why would I bother to pay THOUSANDS of dollars to do so. On a vacation I'm looking to gat AWAY from everyday life, to have it thrown back in my face at every turn just wouldn't make me feel I'm away from home and the "specialness" of a ship would slip away.

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