Running ashore on a wet turn around day in Sydney to get some food when you only have 20 minutes free. A photo journey

It was a raining like mad today in Sydney but we wanted to run across the road to the deli and get some nice toasted sandwiches and salad because my wife loves to eat, but only healthy stuff. So todays blog is a photo journal of what crew do when they only have 20 minutes to go ashore for lunch on a turn around day in Sydney - in the rain.

This is my Wife Andreia ( she is onboard with me) standing in the parking lot outside the Darling Harbour terminal in Sydney- in the rain. We are going to run across the road to that building you can see in the very top left of this picture where there are some deli's.

This is the bottom of that building which is across the street, it is not very busy today because of the rain. It's like a little food court but full of nice deli style places. I have no idea what the name of it is. It's an office building on top.

This is Andreia about to purchase some yummy sandwiches and a couple chicken ceaser rolls.

This is Andreia buying some fruit salads, and yogurt and papaya pudding, at a different one of the deli's.

This is Andreia with her hands full of our lunching treasures as we head back to the ship. She is carrying everything so I can properly document our amazing lunch adventure.

This is Andreia with (hands full) about to run across the road going back to the ship.

This is Andreia inside the busy terminal with a worried face as she approaches security and looks back at me and asks..."did you bring our ID's with you?"

Well, that's the blog for today, a bit boring really. :0) You see I was meaning to do a wicked photo journal of some of the ports we go ashore in and had big plans of a nice " 3 hours ashore..." on Sydney for today... but we ran out of time and besides it was raining, so maybe next time. We are in Port Vila in four days and maybe I will try again.
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4 Responses
  1. Bob Says:

    You got a lot done in just a little time. Question.....Do you have to pay when your wife comes along? Does she eat with the crew? What about sleeping arrangements?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I can see why you fell for her - she is a Doll. You are a lucky guy.
    Thanks for the Sydney views too. My best friend left Sydney yesterday on the Diamond, 29 days, SYD to SFO and I miss her mail. It is also raining here in California today, Good Friday. I never worry about the world ending today because it is already tomorrow in Oz. Love your Blog.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, your wife is hot....and too skinny to have had triplets! LOL.

    In your forum you asked if any of us have been on any of the Pacific XXX ships. Well, we sailed on Pacific Sun a few years ago when she was Carnival Jubilee. And we sailed on Pacific Star previously when she was Costa Tropicale. That cruise was out of Venezia! Hope to do a P&O-Australia sailing some time to some of those unique destinations!


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I stumbled acroos your it. We are virgin cruisers, will be on the Sun in 3 weeks. I really enjoy your honest comments.

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