Dear SBM

The best part about working at sea is being on leave. If you’re single, when you’re on leave then you are ON VACATION. I mean, full on vacation and you use it to the limits. You are a free spirit and you can do whatever you want. You don’t work for a month or more at a time. After all you have earned your time off! Besides, you’re probably going back to sea again in not too long so you got to make use of the time off you have. You schedule all your activities into the time you have and stay as busy as possible. A good example of this is the email below. I emailed a friend of mine who just got off a ship asking “what are you doing?” and this is the reply I got.

Dear SBM,

My friend Tanya flew in from Tennessee and I was at Universal Studios all day. Great day. Met up with some friends from the company, Julie and Jeremy and Irving, for dinner at the end of the night and saw Mission Impossible three. I’m driving to Santa Barbara today for wine tasting and then up to SFO to drop Tanya off at one of our ships in dry-dock. I'll be dropping her off and then heading to Vegas for a week and then going back to LA. I’m house-sitting in Beverly Hills for 4 days after that and then back to my house for 3 days before I join. I need to enjoy this leave since I only did one week on my last leave due to unforeseen circumstances. Don't worry; I'll write soon. I'll check my messages when I’m in LA again.Talk to you soon

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  1. Shar Says:

    Awesome vacation! What a life!

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