Might as well stay onboard

When you work onboard, sometimes going ashore can be a fantastic experience, and sometimes it can be a pain. Take yesterday for example. Yesterday we arrived in Luganville, which is in Vanuatu in the South Pacific. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had just had three days at sea so everyone was looking forward to getting off for a bit. Our adventure ashore party consisted of me, my wife Andreia and our friend Heather. We had big plans when we left, but unfortunately none of them really worked out. We spent about 45 dollars traveling up and down the island in a cab looking for something that would impress us, or at least hold our interest, but unfortunately nothing did. We went to two different beach locations, checked out the touristy sights AT the locations, but in the end, we just decided to just go back to the ship and suntan on deck for the rest of our break.

When you work onboard, and live onboard for 6 months at a time it’s not the same as it is for passengers who can’t wait to get back onboard. To us it seems almost like a crime to not take advantage of every opportunity you can to get off the ship. I think this picture of my wife with the ship in the background sums up our feelings about going back onboard in a nutshell. Oh well, it was a nice day on deck as well, and the hamburgers were good.

Today we are going to try and go to see the crazy “Land Divers” on Pentecost Island. These are the guys who climb a 60 foot home made tower and jump off of it with vines tied around their legs. It is the forefather of bungee jumping actually, without the bungee. If we make it you should check out tomorrow’s blog, I will post some pictures and video of them for you.
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