Catch a bus to the aft end

Talking about the Oasis, and pondering her general splendiferousnes, got me to wondering about the Freedom ship. Remember the Freedom Ship? More of a city at sea complete with an airport on top? I always suspected a con, or if not a con perhaps just grandiose dreams. Anyway, I went back to the website, and sure enough it had an update on it. A year old rather indignant lecture about how they are not a scam, which to me clearly indicates a scam, and an icon promoting the supposed CEO of Freedom Ship Inc, Norman Nixon, for President. It doesn’t say president of what, but one would assume the United States. (

It is obvious this is not real. Everything about it is wrong from the start. The web page is weak and has no substance. You need only look at the “itinerary” page to see a hastily put together map showing a rudimentary world cruise itinerary, as done it seems by someone who has never even been on a cruise, to get the full feeling of a con. The details of the “real estate” section and the inconsistent general rules of occupation feel like they are meant to put across a false feeling of organized legitimacy. Of course the biggest tip off should be the lack of financial information or financial direction… well that, and I have never seen anything about it on FOX news or CNN. Although it DOES have its own YouTube video!

But if it's a con or not isn't the point. The point is it's an intriguing idea!

Isn’t a version of the Freedom ship where the next logical steps in cruising are leading? If the economics of scale prove bigger is cheaper (do you see anyone building smaller ships these days?), and if a new world financial order is developing in which responsibility and accountability are paramount, then isn’t this one possible future? Ok maybe not a community and “way of life” as described in the Freedom ship information. I don’t know how well that would fly financially unless it was a retirement community. But what about a massive, slow moving resort and entertainment park at sea? Wouldn’t it be great, for example, if Disneyland was always on the move? I don’t mean a teeny representation of Disneyland like a Disney cruise ship (as great as they are). I mean DISNEYLAND baby, the whole supercalifragilisticexpialidocious experience! Everything except the parking lot! I have four kids. The cost and logistics of traveling to the nearest park is prohibitive. But what if it was coming to me? How about it kids? Should we embark the Disney Gigantasourous for a week? We can embark just outside Porto and get off four days later in Lisbon then catch the train home? Oh.. and in two months the Six Flags Holyhumungus will be passing our coast again as well, just in time for summer!

Technologically it must be possible already. After all we can float massive oil rigs, and what about the four floating airports in Japan with MegaFloat runways? Granted the airports don’t move, yet, but the oil rigs do. (

Oasis represents a clear quantum leap from any other cruise ship build and is a natural evolution. Oasis evolved from Voyager. Voyager evolved from a class before that, and so on. Once Oasis class proves itself a financial success then the next logical step is to build upon that success. You could build more of the same, but eventually you must evolve and compress the success of multiple Oasis class ships into the next evolutionary class. Finally, at some point however many generations and classes down the line, you have something that is very much like a five hundred acre floating resort and entertainment park at sea, complete with airport and transit system. Something so large you can catch a bus to go to the aft end.

The only thing required for anyone to build a ship even bigger and better than the previous one is a person with vision, a solid business model (something to evolve from), massive financial backing, and some uber ship builders with a facility in which to build something that has never been built before. The evolutionary process generally provides for all of that as well. If you had the resources for the first, you can generally find the resources to improve on the second.

I don't think Freedom Ship Inc is real. I doubt a bunch of engineers with no experience in the cruise industry and no previous track record could just worm hole forward to a point that industry leaders have not yet reached… but maybe they are trying. I will reserve benefit of the doubt to be fair, but I won’t be sending them any cash.

Either way I think it’s an idea that’s coming, or at least a similar version of the idea. I think the only real question is which cruise leader or resort tycoon (or combination) will do it first?
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