Fun in Funchal

Finally, after 8 days at sea, we reached land! Funchal, in Madiera, is quite a lovely little town. I went wandering to see the sights and was really impressed with the beauty of the place. I took a couple panorama shots which, I think, underline that beauty. Click on them to see full size. On a " cruise tip " note I should add that when you walk from the pier to the town you will be hassled frequently. NOT by the cab drivers as you would expect, they won't say a word to you, but by the people selling fishing tours, catamarans, and surveys. Yea, the surveys I don't understand either, but on my walk from the ship, at the furthest point of the pier, to the town I was asked about fishing, catamarans, or surveys 7 times ( and it's only a 15 minute walk). So, when in Funchal, enjoy the great scenery, restuarants, and shops, but be prepared to be harrassed by the local "three". Maybe just wear a t-shirt that says; "NO fishing, catamarans or surveys...Obrigada"!

Also, you will see exchange offices everywhere so do yourself a favour and exchange your USD ashore, not onboard where you eat a service fee as well as an inflated exchange rate.
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