Life on a Volcano

It’s hard to believe; especially now in the wake of the eruption of the Iceland Volcano, that people willingly live under, and on, massive volcanoes. In fact they live on active massive volcanoes that are actually erupting. Taormina is shadowed by the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. Mount Etna is an active, erupting volcano. In 2007 it erupted violently enough for the 400 meter high plume of lava to be seen from space. In 2008 it did it again this time followed by more than 200 earthquakes in the area. I mean, why? Why would you live on this beast? If you ask me you are taking your life loosely in your hands, and asking for trouble. But, what will happen if Etna does erupt powerfully enough to destroy Taormina? We will see it on CNN and hear about the tragedy that destroyed the poor citizens of Taormina and how unfortunate and tragic it is, when really, they were asking for it. Just my opinion but honestly, would you live this close to an active spewing Volcano that has destroyed villages in this century? Would you let your children play around its crater of hot lava? No? So then why would you live on it? It is beautiful, but why risk it? Click on the image to see a larger version, yea it's another panorama, I'm going through a phase...
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