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Crew Office - The First Cruise is available now! GET IT HERE

Crew Office: Crew Drill!, is soon to be released.
( September 2013)

This second installment of the Crew Office series deals exclusively with onboard safety practices, and crew training. How safe are cruise ships? How well trained are the crew, and what kind of training do they receive? What daily practices go on around the ship to keep you safe? Are their jails onboard? What does security do exactly? Medical emergency, man overboard, fire, environmental emergencies, and more, are covered.

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Crew Office: The First Cruise; Going Behind The Scenes Onboard Modern Cruise Ships

Crew Office – Crews Ship Blog, announces the release of "Crew Office: The First Cruise", a compilation of behind the scenes cruise ship information and advice.

(PRWEB) August 22, 2013
With the cruise industry in the news every day, avid cruisers are asking serious questions about cruise ship safety, cruise costs, onboard health issues, and more. Crew Office: The First Cruise, gives insight into the real world of cruise ship operation, and helps answer those questions, or gives the direction needed to find the answers.
Crew Office: The First Cruise, is a downloadable collection of articles on cruise ship operation. It gives advice, and information, on the onboard issues affecting paying cruise guests, and the unseen things that go on every day behind the scenes onboard a mega cruise ship.
Crew Office: The First Cruise, is written by a veteran cruise ship officer with over 15 years of experience onboard the Cruise Ships of Princess Cruises, Oceania Cruises, RSSC, P&O Australia, and more. He has held onboard positions in Passenger Logistics, Crew Administration, Guest Services, IT and Technology, and Human Resources and Crew Training, and has expert firsthand information on cruise ships, and their crew.

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